Rocket City Space Pioneers Generate Excitement

Fri, 09/17/2010 – 00:05 — Tim Pickens RCSP team leader
The Rocket City Space Pioneers have generated a lot of excitement in Huntsville and Alabama! We’re pumped about being in this race!
We announced our entry into the Google X PRIZE competition with a news conference at Dynetics’ corporate headquarters. Governor Bob Riley praised our efforts and offered the Space Pioneers $1 million to name the team’s lander the Alabama Explorer II.
All the Huntsville television stations gave the announcement heavy coverage, and The Huntsville Times newspaper gave the story top billing in the next day’s paper. CNN even mentioned the Rocket City Space Pioneers on air an online this week.
We’ve had interest from other companies, educational institutions, and individuals to join our team.
I’m looking forward to meeting some of the other team members at the Isle of Man Summit!