Tim Pickens’ Projects

Tim enjoys a challenge and has taken on two X PRIZE competitions. He also enjoys tinkering in his Mancave shop and inventing and building things. He collects space artifacts to sell and trade. Google Lunar X Prize team leader Tim PickensGoogle Lunar X PRIZE: Tim Pickens was the team leader of the Rocket City Space Pioneers (RCSP). The RCSP team merged with the Moon Express Team and Tim continued his leadership role as Chief Propulsion Engineer for the Moon Express Team.

Ansari X PRIZE Tim PickensAnsari X PRIZE: Tim Pickens developed the rocket motor that propelled SpaceShipOne to win the Ansari X Prize.

Tim Pickens Rocket truck ProjectRocket Truck: Put a 2700 lb thrust hybrid rocket in the bed of Chevy pickup truck and you’ve got yourself a portable rocket test stand as well as a real head-turner.

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