Rocket Bikes

Tim Pickens' Second Rocket Bike

Tim’s Second Bike:

Tim Pickens Firts Rocket Bike

Tim’s First Bike:

Sahra Pickens Second Rocket Bike

Sarah’s Second Bike:

Sahra Pickens First Rocket Bike

Sarah’s First Bike:

Tim and Sarah Pickes with the rocket bikes they built

Tim and Sarah Pickens with the rocket bikes they built.

Rocket bike static test firingThis static test firing of Tim’s bike was accomplished using  a basketball goal pole as a test stand and a pine tree as a deflector. The pine tree is fine, but you can still see the black mark from the test.

Rocket bike on trailerTim’s first rocket bike.

Tim flies down the raod on his rocket-propelled bike

Tim demonstrates the thrust his second bike can generate.

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