Rocket City Space Pioneers Enter the Competition

Tue, 09/07/2010 – 19:00 — Tim Pickens RCSP team leader.
Welcome to the Rocket City Space Pioneers Team blog. We are a Huntsville, Alabama-based team, and our team is comprised of several private businesses, an educational institution and two non-profit organizations. We are excited to enter the GLXP competition!
Huntsville is known as “The Rocket City” for its impact on space exploration, so it is only fitting that a Huntsville team should go after this prize. Huntsville has been developing important space technologies since the 1950s when the German scientists headed by Dr. Werner von Braun, brought to the United States at the end of World War II, arrived to develop rocketry for the U.S. Army. Huntsville lofted the first US satellite into orbit—Explorer I—in 1958
We are ready to go back to the moon . . . with new technology and innovation at an affordable cost. We’re ready for the race!
We may be a late comer, but we will be ready to win this race!